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Welcome to the Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia (WM) United Kingdom (UK) Support Group which was officially established in 2000. We were established as a

non-profit organisation who’s sole purpose was to support those suffering from WM as well as their family and friends in UK and Eire as well as information and resources to patients, carers, family and friends.

This support group was also an affiliated member of the European WM Network, (EWM network) who are members of the European Cancer Patient Coalition, (ECPC) and European Organisation for Rare Diseases (EURORDIS). Their aim is to collectively represent all WM patients’ interests at a European level. This way WM patients are given a voice at European health institutions and in European health politics. Hence their motto “Patients for Patients”.   

The support of WM has developed significantly over recent years through WKUK, another organisation set up in the UK to support WM patients and much more.  This organisation has the support of the IWMF and it seems right that it should now take over responsibility for all our UK activities, which include our UK talk list.  The UK talk list was initially set up and managed by one of our founder members, Raphael Altman and currently has over a 100 registered members.

Our member hand over will begin in January 2014 and our site will officially close in September 2014. 

WMUK is managed by Roger Brown who details are noted below and should be contacted for further details or registration for WM UK talk list:-

Roger Brown

47 Longfield Road

St Andrew's



Email: info@wmuk.org.uk
Tel: 0117 3735 733



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